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A vibrant and utterly contemporary synthesis of post-modern jazz, Egyptology, and Black Awareness.

- All About Jazz

“This is music with gravity, seriousness of purpose, and real emotional power—through collective improvisation, these men aim for inspiration and uplift, and they get there.”

- Burning Ambulance

“Improvisational Magic.”

- Utne Reader

Almost fiercely spiritual”

- Jazz Da Gama

“An emotional recording of passion…fill with ‘what ifs’ but intriguing while it stands up on its own.”

- Jazzweekly.com

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Happy Anniversary from MIDEM

08:18 am June 05, 2015

We'd like to thank our artists, partners, and fans for their gracious support which has gotten us this far, and we look forward to many more years of delivering on the highest quality of music and music-based programs! Read More

"Tall Tales" World Premiere at Shapeshifter Lab

05:34 pm April 01, 2015

Coinciding with the May 12th U.S. Release of the NDR Bigband's Tall Tales of Jasper County; The Double Doubles Suite, a special release concert featuring the NDR Bigband's Lutz Buechner and Fiete Felsch with full big band will be held at the Shapeshifter Lab in New York City. Friday, May 15 at 8:00 p.m. Read More


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Inspiration is a gift. A substantial work of art is undoubtedly the product of talent and creativity, with sweat and toil liberally applied to grease the engine. Yet inspiration, a source that shakes the imagination free, transforming inchoate ideas into solid form, is the lightning that every artist can only dream of being struck by.

The Critically-Acclaimed Mark Lomax Trio Meets African Mythology in this Spellbinding New Concept Album

Rhyme and Reason documents the recent musical partnership of Russian tenor saxophonist Oleg Kireyev and American pianist Keith Javors. Keith remembers, “I believe Oleg had heard a CD of mine calledMo' City Jungle. He got in contact with me, we were digging each other’s music and began talking about possibilities to collaborate.

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