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Why’d I Land Here and What’d You Do With Inarhyme Records?

Broadening our scope from a critically-acclaimed record and production company to allow entry into the arenas of music publishing, artist management and development, and education and philanthropy related arenas of music publishing, artist management and development, education, and giving and philanthropy is a sizable undertaking.  At the same time, it is one so inseparable it from the mission of a company so highly-motivated to bring the best of what music can do for the world. 

Applying the very principles evoked in our long-standing byline - Artistic. Adventurous. Accessible - and along with the aesthetic excellence that Inarhyme Records has become respected for these past several years onto new emphases opens and broadens avenues we can continue to journey and grow. 

In sum, the Inarhyme Music Group, LLC was created as an umbrella to out more specific entities and their functions underneath. 

Stay tuned for more information and our new website launch early this Summer 2019!

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“Never cliché."  

–Pittsburgh Tribune


“The degree of hard work, patience, study, blood, sweat and tears necessary to produce a band of this quality is phenomenal."  

-Jazz Now


“You don't have to know the haunting back story of this CD to be moved by its emotional power.”

–Chicago Tribune

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