Oleg Kireyev

Whether you are deciding to buy jazz music in your local store or through a jazz music download site, Oleg Kireyev should be on your shopping list as one of the best Russian saxophone players and composers and currently one of the best jazz music artists, period. Originally from Bashkiria (Russia) near the European/Asian border, he has been influenced by the powerful heritage of bebop and traditional jazz, combined with African rhythms, Latin jazz music and Asian and Moldavian free jazz music. It’s no secret that all those music styles have been historically shaped though jazz & blues music.

For Oleg, as for many, getting jazz lessons in the early 70s in the former USSR was simply out of the question. Since both jazz piano and jazz saxophone were not taught, and Mr. Kireyev got bored studying classical compositions, jazz improvisation, first on the piano, and then on the saxophone, were his first attempts at jazz. Prior to this he started improvising melodies that could only be heard in his head, in a style that many years later became known as smooth music jazz. These melodies, once put down on paper, would be later called by crtics “incredibly good and smooth, full of verve, and style, and class

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