Brendan Romaneck

Brendan Romaneck began playing the tenor saxophone in the 5th grade. Playing the saxophone had its challenges for Brendan but he loved a challenge and would strive only for perfection. His favorite Jazz musician throughout his high school years was John Coltrane and he would spend a lot of time listening to his music and trying to duplicate his skills.  He idolized and admired his music teachers in middle school and high school and it was with their support and guidance that Brendan decided to pursue a career in music.  After graduation from Bacon Academy High School in 1999, Brendan went out to California and attended Santa Barbara City College where he took his basic courses for music.  He accepted a Scholarship from the University of North Florida in 2000 to pursue a Bachelors Degree in Jazz Studies.  Throughout his tenure at UNF, Brendan had the opportunity to record three albums professionally with the UNF Jazz Ensemble 1 and travel to perform at numerous Jazz festivals throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe, such as the North Sea and Montreux. He would discover and admire the music of saxophonist Kenny Garrett, who he had the privilege of meeting several times over his last year.  Brendan was selected by audition to perform at the prestigious Betty Carter Steps Ahead Residency Program at the Kennedy Center in 2004.  By then actively gigging in the Southeast, he graduated cum laude from UNF on April 30, 2004.  Intending to continue his education and his career as a Jazz professor, he auditioned for a teaching assistantship at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and only a few days before his 24th birthday, he was notified that he was accepted into the Program and chosen as their graduate Jazz T.A.  Brendan had been writing music since his junior year in high school and was scheduled to produce and record his debut CD with the musicians here in July 2005.  The songs on this recording are a compilation of his works, which he had hoped to record himself.  He was truly on his way to seeing his dream come true only to have that dream tragically taken away from him on April 20, 2005 when he was tragically killed.

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